Top 10 American Universities Where You Can Study For Free | International Scholarships

We did some videos on scholarships in the recent past, including the daad scholarship, the chevening scholarship, Erasmus Mundus scholarship, inlaks scholarships and the top 10 scholarships for women to study abroad, and I realized that most of those scholarships were for masters and PhD programs. So I thought why not do a program for you talking about the top 10 scholarships that you high-school...
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What is a Special Education Attorney?

You know, Jen, it’s been my experience that many people I speak with don’t even know what a special education attorney is. And if you even tell them there is such a thing as a special education attorney, they wouldn’t even know what your role is. Right, right. And they shouldn’t feel too bad because I happen to represent a lot of children whose parents are attorneys. So it’s not an area...
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