Essay Polishing Stage

The last these five minutes are very important that is known as polishing stage and what will you do in this polishing stage that you will sorry okay you will underline the important words you will put boxes among many lines or words where you feel that you need to highlight these points so you will polish us’s underlining and making boxes is not only polishing but somewhere you might have made any spelling mistake you might have like suppose when I I write sometimes I write the word there and I’ll forget putting in then so you caught your mistake and you can correct it because small small things will please the examiner that this person has do not even a single mistake no mistake in a mistake in spelling no mistake in grammar or punctuation of mark.

So in polishing you will do all these things in last five minutes it’s very easy once your planning stage has done your execution stage is done you just need to quickly go through your essay underlying the things and correct if you have done any mistake so trust me if you follow this is basically the mantra till now what we have discussed and you will if you’ll follow this you’ll practice writing us’s by this manner you’re gonna fetch maximum highest marks in your essay examination so whatever we have discussed now this is the summary of all that at the first for the first five minutes you’ll do the initial planning then the committed brainstorming we have discussed in the sequencing you’ll write the concluding paragraph or just in the planning stage you need to write the key words okay then the essay and in the end polishing why I have given the summary here because you need to religiously learn the this process.

Once this is there in your mind this is there in your brain start practicing your essay writing from today you know following this method and you will improve your essay writing a lot after one or two months when you have written at least four to five essays by this way okay so now the will discuss these Agis little bitten detail okay so these are some general guidelines for us say like the essay is not mainly a test of your factual knowledge it is a test of your creativity inventive spirit and capacity for generation of new ideas so write legibly bad handwriting puts the examiner off choice of words improper statement is important for that make a list of alternative words I maintain a separate notebook if you find a very interesting a line in some editorial because you have to in then you have to improve your language language is very important for us in how will you improve your language by noting down or certain points from the lines beautiful lines from the editorial okay like that so no down powerful sentences paragraphs quotations wherever you find them quotations are very important in essay so keep closely to the subject matter.