How To Write About Emotions

There are the things that are happening in my life and I think it is really relevant for you to know that about me but they didn’t want to make that the focus of their application and both of those work it is really about what is what how can you be true to yourself in this process I wanna stress that I think it is interesting I think it is an interesting story obstacles are powerful and and they are a part of everybody’s life but it is also an interesting story too right about why you didn’t face certain obstacles that may have been and seemingly inevitable in the situation that you were in we use somehow with your life story this and and and we are not. Get to know more about emotional writing on

I’m involved with them that’s interesting you know you don’t have to think about Dodd being you don’t have to be nervous that that your your story is gonna be not not sad enough or it is not going to you know vote tears or whatever like it is cool that’s an interesting story to write about how you may have missed these certain obstacles that may have been seemingly inevitable right not every quest by Jackal Kent needs to have had a terrible thing that happens to them right it doesn’t have to be that you could have had a wonderfully lovely life and opportunities and experiences and that could be your story that’s your story and so that’s what we want to hear yeah yeah yeah write about it if it is important to you but if you have something else you’d rather write about more that’s more important to your story that’s absolutely fine I think you know actually your point at the very beginning about showing maturity and showing you know a strong character is really the most important part more than whether you write about something that’s sad or depressing.

It is writing about you know if you choose to write about an obstacle how you overcame it how you are moving on how its shaped you as a person I think that really shows a lot more about you than just trying to like invoke tears that you know we are trying to like um write about that be my advice okay actually I’m in a pretty similar note the next question we have is I was told by my college counselor to not be too emotional in the essay how emotional should you eat I think again that’s similar to the Ashley’s point earlier if it is a significant part of your life definitely but emotions are part of that that process and share that with us but at the same time again what I’m trying to learn from the situation both about you know where you are going but also about you don’t write about something that’s sad or you know over-the-top joy is just for the sake to be an emotion hopefully there’s something that we are learning about you during the process.