Questions For Your Paragraphs

When you ask yourself  questions they’re not all going to result in good answers that will translate into a good paragraph but one or two of them might and you can structure an entire paragraph with one or two sentences that make a good argument as to why this one point is correct in supporting your thesis or your claim the overall conceit of your five paragraph essay you can add to that a couple of other questions why does this point prove your conceit why does more gas efficient prove that mopeds are better than cars that’s not a question every one of these points will be able to answer well but it’s another question you can ask to get more information another question would be where else can this claim be found in my thesis and in this case that question can’t really be answered by this. Learn how to form questions for your paragraphs at Edusson.

But in for some of the other points that we had up here underneath more gas efficient that we erased that question could be useful so basically what you’re doing in this outlining exercise is taking your conceit your point answering the same questions about each point and then using those answers to write sentences that are structured into your five paragraph essay each of your three body paragraphs which are then turned each of your paragraphs into one sentence that you use to create your introduction in your conclusion so really when you finish this exercise for your for your paragraphs for your essays conceit you’re pretty close to being ready to write effectively so if you so like I said if you notice then the answers to these sound very much like paragraph sentences and congratulations you’ve already written the content of your body paragraphs by answering these questions so we’ve we’ve covered the body paragraphs how we come up with them now that you’ve done that you can write your three body paragraphs and then when you go to when you finish them you now have three points mopeds are more gas efficient.

And I forget what the other two were off the top of my head but these three points you made now are the three central pair of sentences of your first and fifth paragraph meaning that 60% of your intro and extra paragraphs have been written just by outlining the way that you’re structuring your conceit and asking yourself some logical questions about them meaning that after you write your body paragraphs all you have to do are write four sentences an intro for your intro and a concluding sentence an intro a topic sentence for your introductory paragraph a concluding sentence for your introductory paragraph a topic sentence for your concluding paragraph and concluding sentence for your concluding paragraph and of those for the topic sentences can basically be the same here’s what I’m going to do here’s what I did do and the concluding sentences can basically be the same here’s what I’m going to do here’s what I didn’t do.