Reading an Essay Prompt Activity

Directions: Read the following essay prompts. First, decide what type of essay the prompt is asking you to write. A word box has been given to help you choose. Then, underline the clue words in the prompt that helped you to decide the type of essay you are being asked to write. An example has been done for you.

Ex. Are schools responsible for making kids fat? Should school cafeterias be required to offer low-fat and/or vegetarian choices? Take a position on the issue of school cafeteria food, supporting your opinion with details and examples.

Type of Essay: argumentative/persuasive

1. Detail the steps you would need to take to plan a great birthday party for one of your friends.

2. Should college be free for all? Why or why not? Support your opinion with details and examples.

3. Detail how you spend your weekdays versus how you spend your weekends.

4. Using a story you hav

5. One of the most controversial issues today is the possibility in the near future of being able to “choose” the sex, eye color, hair color, personality characteristics, and intelligence level of children before they are born. How do you feel about the idea of genetic engineering and the “designer child”?

6. Explore the effects of sleep deprivation on your life.

7. Discuss the concept of “evil” in a short story you have read this year.

8. Identify the effectiveness of multiple choice testing versus essay testing.

9. Describe the worst teacher you have ever had.

10. Write an essay explaining why a certain person, either famous or unknown, should be honored by a postage stamp with their image.

11. Write an essay on the causes and effects of stress on your daily life.

12. Explore the effects of television on your study habits and grades.